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Celebrating the people who 
transformed their lives with the help of “Showtyme Fitness & Nutrition”


Marcie's nutrition plan was amazing!  After years of eating "pretty well" and exercising regularly, I was pretty frustrated for not having achieved the results I felt I should have.  I did her 12 week program and was instantly amazed! I saw dramatic results every week!  I started the program a little above 16% body fat, and by the end of the program I was down to under 11%!  Best part is, I learned how to really eat clean and can now carry that forward with my regular meal planning!

/// Trace Martin


Marcie is an amazing nutritionist! I have always lived a healthy, active lifestyle, working out 5-6x/week, eating healthy and have been fairly lean but had started noticing that what used to work for me to drop weight and lean out just didn't seem to work anymore. My fiancé had raved about his results with Marcie's meal plans so after finally reaching a point of frustration that something obviously needed to change I decided to hire Marcie to help me too. Within the first week I already started noticing changes. During the 12 week program, changing nothing in my routine other than following Marcie's meal plans, I went from 27.6% body fat to 14.0%! Marcie is very knowledgeable and was always easy to get ahold of with just a quick text if I had any questions or needed to make a change. Following Marcie's meal plans was more than just a phase but a lifestyle change. It taught me that I needed to be eating way more often than I had been, incorporating more protein and carbs, and how to portion out each meal with different food groups throughout the day to optimize my body's response.  Every couple weeks Marcie would do a body analysis on me which checked my weight, body fat, lean muscle mass, water mass and even how it was all distributed. With that information she would make adjustments accordingly to my meal plans to make sure I was on the right track to building muscle and dropping body fat to meet my goals. I would highly recommend Marcie and will definitely always go to her when I need any help!

/// Allison Dokken 


I was a client of Marcie's in 2016. Marcie was easy to work with, her nutrition plans always had a variety of food on them, were easy to follow, and helped me lose 26 lbs in just 8 weeks!!  She was always keeping it real with me and always had good advice!

/// Johana Greenwall


I had always been a "yoyo" dieter, loosing a bunch of weight (probably not the right way) and then gaining a bunch of weight back.. When i started with Marcie i saw results within the first week on her program it was easy to follow, prep, and i loved that she changed my menu every week.  Her nutrition plans always had variety and if i ever had any questions she was so easy to get a hold of.  Most of all i never felt like i was doing this alone or "dieting" i felt like i was learning the importance of food paring, portion control and prepping for success.  All together i lost a total of 53 lbs during the duration of the 12 week program and gained 6 pounds of muscle! Anytime i hear anyone talking about wanting lose weight or have a healthier lifestyle i refer them to Marcie! She truly helped me change my life.

/// Jason Hyde


Marcie created a meal plan and work out plan that fit my specific needs. She is amazing to work with I highly recommend her and her program. Thank you Marcie for the awesome results!!

/// Brady Brinkerhoff


5’4” 134lbs-Current

I’ve been a customer of Marcie's for over six years; they have the best staffs that are always professional, friendly, and up to date on the world of nutrition. During the time I met Marcie, she is one of the Nutritional and Dietitian staff on the team and she is great! Beyond her friendly personality she has possesses excellent client service skills on an individual level which is so hard to find. Everyone’s body is unique and responds differently to food’s supplements and exercise. What I appreciate most about Marcie is her ability to meet the challenging needs of clients with health issues, food allergies/food sensitives.  I am one of those clients. 

I was preparing for my first body building competition in June 2015. I began training and meal prep in August of 2014. I had no clue what to expect, meal wise and how my body would respond. I googled meal plans and tried to make adjustments as I went along in the process. But again, I had no clue! It was exactly three weeks before my show. I looked, “ok”.  I was a little discouraged and I went in to speak with Marcie. I shared with her that I looked nothing like the women in my class and I felt like I came this far to fail.

Marcie for starters gave me the sweetest pep talk and told me: “I can fix it”.

I cried, she was so reassuring and helpful! She quickly gathered my body statistics: I was 142lbs, down from 160lbs. I was hanging on to some water weight that wouldn’t budge and that body fat that would not BUDGE! I was stuck at 19%. She explained that 16% for my body type was ideal. I got discouraged again, but Marcie has a way of reshaping your mind as well. She said, “WE can do this”.

Marcie had a plan, she factored in my allergies and medication with a meal/exercise regimen designed to re-shape my body over the next three weeks. In three days, I was down 2lbs. I was seeing progress! 140lbs was good, but I still had a ways to go. I followed this regimen and checked in with Marcie once to twice a week. Another 15 days went by; I weighed in at 134lbs. My mind was blown; I could see my body changing daily. My body fat had dropped down into the 17% range. I cried AGAIN, LOL. Happy tears this time. Because I could finally see what Marcie had seen in me all along.  I was officially six days out from show day and I couldn’t feel more inspired! The morning of my show, I was 131lbs. In three weeks, I lost 11lbs and over 2% body fat. This was a record for me! I’m sorry to be so long winded, but anyone that has ever struggled with weight their whole life would understand why the small details are so important!

I placed 4th, in my very first show. I was proud of myself. I tell all of my friends, family and co-workers; “See Marcie at Max Muscle. You won’t be sorry”. The catch is though, you have to follow the program. Nothing comes without hard work and dedication. Marcie took me on as a client during a high volume period for her, and did I mention that she is a full-time mommy? Not once did I feel like a number or client, Marcie is my sister and I am grateful for her guidance!

I hope this helps or inspires someone looking to get healthy. If you are on this webpage, you’re in the right place!

/// Janae G.


There are times in life when you cross paths with someone new and your life is forever changed in a positive way. That happened when I met Marcie. After working hard at the gym and not seeing my desired progress, my trainer mentioned meeting with Marcie. From day one Marcie was able to take my goals, body, and metabolism in the right direction. For myself, my main goal was to gain muscle and lean out. After just two weeks the numbers proved we were headed in the right direction. At a certain point I hit a bit of a plateau. Marcie reassured me it was normal to keep with it. Again, she was right! 
Her meal plans keep you full and always taste yummy. Every week I looked forward to what the new plan would be. They are simple and always easy to prepare. I found that even on the road with a little prep time traveling and staying on track was possible. 
Marcie is always willing to answer questions, give advice and push you to reach your personal goals.  I went from 28.3% body fat to 20.5% in 12 weeks and gained 5.2lbs of muscle! 

/// Tori Diston


I can't thank Marcie enough for making my life easier! I have 3 kids who keep me busy and I dont want to spend the time to plan my own meals to help me stay lean. Marcie does all the hard work for me and tells me exactly what to eat. Everything is so easy for me to prep! Her program works and it works fast [for me]. Marcie knows exactly what my goal is and encourages me along the way when I'm not so strict. She is always quick to respond to e-mails and texts! Her prices are very reasonable. I have tried other [more expensive] programs before that also work but Marcie makes it so simple! Marcie has been helping me now for about 7 months now and I have zero complaints! She is awesome! I went from 27.2% body fat to 17.2% and gained 

/// Marie Mizuno

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